May 21, 2008

Odds and ends

Here's a mix bag of pix from the last two weeks. Some made the paper, some didn't, but I like them for different reasons.

This was from this Monday. At about 2 pm I was reminded that the governor's husband was visiting Long Beach School and that I should go get a pic. He was there to read to the kids in one of the classes and there was an obvious limit to the interest on both sides in my opinion. I liked this pic but it didn't work for the paper.

These two are from the sub-district track meet held at Ilwaco two weeks ago. The one above is Matt Kaino coming across the finish line as the final leg of the boys 4x400 relay. The Ilwaco team was in fourth place and back by a good 40 yards going into that final lap but Kaino was able to make up the differnce and win by almost the same margin.
Below is I believe the Stevenson 4x100 relay practicing their hand-off skills prior to their race. I thought it was kinda funny how they would jog in place with their arms flipping back to front to pass the baton.

This is one from a piece we did last week on Audrey Wirkkala who is taking photos of elders in the Naselle Valley as part of a historical archive project. This one did not make the edit in the paper but was part of the audio slideshow I did for the story, which you can watch HERE I really like how it came out.

And finally, these are some pix I found while down at the port photographing the tall ships. Above is a bike, that I don't think will be going anywhere soon. I found it in the grass in front of where I parked.
Below is just a pic of seagulls as I was leaving to go home after a VERY LONG DAY.


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