May 27, 2008

To Honor Them

Last Friday I spent the morning with a small group of volunteers from the local VFW as they placed flags on the graves of Peninsula vets in honor of Memorial Day. You can watch the Soundslides of I did for the story HERE
I think this is the first time that I actually did multiple versions of an audio slideshow, finally settling on this version about 1 pm last night. I felt that going with just the one guy essentially narrating it was strong as his quotes were heart-felt. It was touching to her this guy talk like this, seeing as how not long before this he was detailing for me his experience as a combat vet in Vietnam and remembering it with what sounded like a near fondness for it.

Here's what I did with the front page this week that features the story. The actual story is on a photo page that was on the back of the A section.


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John said...

Man! that looks really good! I was just thinking about how much sloppy design there is in newspapers and such. What you've shown us here is that good layout makes the images stronger than if on their own, makes the whole page look more enticing, and adds emotional depth to the story. If i saw this page sitting on a park bench, lunch counter, or in a newsbox, I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up. Great coverage. Thanks! - John Elbert