Jun 15, 2009

My boy, at 2

On Sunday we celebrated Wyse's 2nd b-day.

We shared the event with our friend Theresa, whose daughter Josie turned 2 about a week ago.

It took Wyse a couple minutes to decide that he actually wanted to blow out his candles — meanwhile all the bigger kids were ready to give him a hand.

The Karaoke machine that Theresa and the girls brought was a big hit, I even got Ness up there for a song!

Here's the birthday boy spying on the band playing in the next room over at the Artisan where we had the party.

Beachhouse hijinks
For some reason I never posted these, but I took these one day a couple months ago when we were down at the catering shop. I guess file this under kids do the funniest stuff category.

Examining some watermelon:

Searching for a lost ball:


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Kristopher and Crew said...

That last photo is spectacular.

I love your black and white shots, so clean.