Jan 28, 2010

"Good grief"

As Charlie Brown says "good grief!" here it is the end of January and this is only the second real post I've done all month. So here's a group of some pix from the past few weeks that I liked.
The sun finally came out the other day, good thing too cuz shooting the annual beach clean-up can have its challenges. In this case, find some kids picking up trash in the dunes and the colors came alive. Printed great in the paper too.
This is an outtake from the Ilwaco boys game the other night against Seaside. I like it because of the high impact action but there was no way it was seeing print without the players faces.
This one I like cuz I think its well-lit and its cool cuz its a no-look pass. My new lighting scheme works so good at the NHS its amazing (IMO) I can't way to test it out on the road in a couple weeks at the district tourneys.
Last week Kenz played the part of Splash the River Runner in the Missoula Childrens Theater production of Princess and the Pea. She was pretty psyched as it was her first ever speaking role in a show and she rocked it. 
Wyse is such a funny boy sometimes. The other day as we were leaving he decided he wanted to wear a scarf, and because of this he also wanted his picture taken — done and done. Whats funny too is that unless you tell him to smile he gives a rather straight face, which is kinda cool.
This was above our street the other day. I was hoping they'd all leave at once, but no such luck. Such is my luck these days. Well, it is January, it's always slow in January it seems.


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