Feb 4, 2010

Pretzel logic?

This is an outtake from the Beach Brawl wrestling meet last Saturday. It's one of those you don't know you have until you take a look at everything you shot. Thought going B&W added to the ambiguity of whose arms are whose and whose head belongs on which shoulders...

*Shout-out — Thanks to Susan B. for letting me know that at least one person out there was missing the updates lately! Kinda jump started me to try and make more stuff that I wanted to show, seems to have worked as I have a few more things I'll be adding over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...glad you feel the love:) I really do enjoy your pics. We were just having a dinner table discussion the other day saying how we wished you posted ALL the photos you took.
We really do enjoy and appreciate your work Damian. Thanks for sharing with the blog stalkers!