Apr 20, 2010

Bell of the ball & the Big Empty

I hate it when I get behind in posting stuff, cuz then there's a log jam of things I'd like to get on here, like today. I'm out of town all next week so the end of this week is super busy, so I want to get a few things on here from last week that didn't make it yet
First up is the Miss Loyalty pageant, which I wasn't planning on shooting this year, but hey things change. Here's this year's winner Amanda Bell, who was pretty psyched about winning.

Next up is something that has really become a secret love of mine — shooting pictures inside old empty buildings. In this case it is the old high school building here. Last Friday teachers were told there would be a "scavenger hunt" in the old building to try and save anything left behind after the move that they may still want. Not many showed, and I can't really blame them, some of the stuff that was left behind was pretty weird. These are all from inside old classrooms.

I found it interesting that the one unifying thing throughout all the classrooms was that they all still had their American flag on the wall.

We were supposed to run one in the paper this week but it got bumped, along with the online gallery of 20 or so pix I put together called The Big Empty, which you can check out HERE if you like, some pretty interesting stuff — but only if find things like pickled animals in jars interesting...
More to come,


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