Apr 26, 2010

A quick one while I'm away

(dig the nod to the Who) Sooo, one thing I was going to do before leaving town for the week was post a BUNCH of pix from my busy week last week. Well.... that obviously didn't happen. So....with nothing to do at the hotel tonight I copied off a couple of sports pix from last week off the ftp server to post.
First up, I made a drive to Aberdeen on my day off to shoot an NHS softball game as it didn't look like the weather would cooperate later in the week. Worked out alright as I got a couple I liked.

Here's one after catching a surprise line drive right at her.

On Friday I checked out the Ilwaco boys in awful weather. But while the weather was bad, they were not, winning easily. I liked this one quite a bit (despite the pinch points on the top and bottom right) as it was an interesting play where two baserunners end up at second with Justin running around tagging everybody and then pleading his case to the ump.

Will probably try and post some stuff from SoCal as the week unfolds.


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