Jan 6, 2012

New stuff from the new year, Long Beach, Seaview, Ilwaco, Wa.

Well, here it is 2012 for six days and no posts? Well, here's a few things from the new year.And all in color?!?!

Tuesday night a woman wanted to get a closer look at the ocean, but apparently didn't notice when the sea started washing up around her car till it was too late. She got out and walked down to a tow yard to get help. Meanwhile, fire and surf rescue had to check it out, so this is Ness and Doug investigating.

We had our first big wind storm of the year over the weekend, here's me feature hunting without a great deal of luck.

The old Oddfellows building in downtown Ilwaco is falling apart and has been condemned but it seems that multiple groups want it, according to a story in next weeks paper. This is a view through one of the street level windows.

And finally, The Grizz, joining me on another journey. I love the fact that I don't have to talk to myself in the car anymore.


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Gerry Adams said...

Nice Pics! So was the car able to be towed out in time?