Jan 16, 2012

Snow days (and nights), Chinook, Ilwaco, Seaview, Wa.

Snow is something that is rare around these parts, and when it does it brings with it many things good and bad. Like slippery roads that lead to rollover accidents into water. Or sledding on a school holiday (boy the timing on this worked out great, free snow day!)

The kids were excited as always to see the snow and got to get some play time in it before it started to melt today. However, according to the weather report there should be more falling really soon.

And McKenzie is many things. One of here secret talents? Snowball assassin.

On Saturday morning you could feel the snow coming up at Cape Disappointment lighthouse during the memorial ceremony in honor of the Triumph episode 51 years ago.


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Gerry Adams said...

Great pics! Thanks for posting them. I like seeing snow at one of my favorite areas. I've visited many times, but always in the Spring or Summer.