Sep 24, 2012

Homecoming bummer, on the green, birdies and self Polaroidation

 NHS not enough
On Friday I was in Naselle for the NHS homecoming game. Unfortunately for the Comets, they had to play Valley, possibly their toughest regular season game. Despite coming back to be down by 8 in the fourth, the Comets miscues and Vikings power running game were too much. Another bummer for the Comets, they lost their starting running back Sam Scrabeck (second below) on one of the first plays of the game.

The links
Saturday afternoon after the triathlon, I went up to Surfside to shoot the IHS Invite meet. Getting there late I mostly stuck with Ross Kukula, defending state champ.

Out the window
WHile sitting in my chair at home before work a few weeks ago I happened to look up and see a crazy number of seagulls circling the neighborhood — more than usual I should say. 

 Me, instantly
Been working on a good set up for shooting ports with the Polaroid, tested it out on myself, kinda like Bruce Banner, except in my case I did not turn into a giant green beast. Instead I got some decent self ports, the top one is currently my new bio pic on my website.


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