Mar 10, 2015

Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Pt. 2

As I wrote in last year's addition to this decade-long work in progress, 
my hometown and I have shared a love/hate relationship for years. I returned again last week to once again see what was different and what was the same. It isn't an easy question, and nor would I say that what I've made from it is an easy answer. These photos simply show what and who I encountered on this particular week. 
Crescent City, Ca., is the only place in the contiguous United States to have been hit by multiple tsunami's. It is also the home of my father who in the last couple years has suffered multiple strokes.
The theme of the work is things that change and things that stay the same. My dad's health has wavered back and forth, as has the town, as they both struggle with life now and life before. These photos are about Crescent City, about time and change, about my father and about me.


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Rosella's daughter said...

The photos are all interesting, but they make me sad.