Mar 13, 2015

Passing Glance, On the Road

Shot while on the road, down Oregon on Hwy 101, back up to Oregon on Hwy 199, on instant film with a 50 year old Polaroid 103 Land camera
 Politics, Kerby, Or.

 Rest stop restroom, O'Brien, Or.

Refreshment, Gold Beach, Or. 

Motor lodge, Newport, Or. 

 The Pacific, Brays Point, Or.

 Fallen, Redwood National Forest, Ca.

 Closed, Gasquet, Ca.

 Corn or cron, Kerby, Or.

 Resort, California/Oregon border

 Bread crumbs, Grants Pass, Or.

 Reminder, Illinois Valley, Or.

 Stop, Cave Junction, Or.

Leftovers, Redwood highway, Ca.


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