Jun 24, 2007

Dr. Dave

Sunday evening, a great time for a cold New Belgium Skinny Dip ale, some strawberry shortcake and Adult Swim cartoons. BTW, if you're a Star Wars geek (guilty) you gotta watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars special!

So the other day I was to shoot a portrait of a new surgeon down at Ocean Beach Hospital, Dr. David Friedman. His assistant said he'd be around and to just drop by. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the pic so I asked him for a suggestion (as he knows more about what it is he does than I do). He suggested we do something in the OR area, and I was all for it.
After showing me around some we decided to shoot the pic in the overflow room of the OR at the hospital. For one reason, the real OR was being used for surgery, and two, the overflow room had this great older-style operating lamp which still had a couple of working bulbs in it, which I actually used to light the shot (as you can see above)
The doc was a great sport, putting up with my "move here's" and "ooh, let's try it over here's" for a good half hour. He was curious how it was going so I let him have a quick peek at what we were doing and he said it didn't look like the standard "editorial style" pic he was used to other places. I took that as a compliment.

So earlier on I promised some record reviews, so here's a couple of quickies.
The Beastie Boys — The In Sound From Way Out: This is an instrumental album from those boys from Brooklyn that came out a few years back. I pulled this out a couple days ago after reading about the Beasties new album that is coming out which is also instrumental called The Mix Up. This is by no means my fave Beasties album, but it does feature a few tracks from Check your Head, which is my fave Beasties album (I know, shoot me, it's not Paul's Boutique...) It is super laid back, a lot of head space jazzy tracks, though I miss some of the lyrics from the originals, which were removed to make it a true instrumental record.

The White Stripes — Icky Thump: This just came out a week ago and I picked it up for my 6-year-old, believe it or not but she swears they are her fave band (my kid is way cooler than yours!), but I like'em alot too. This kicks, well, you know, big time. If you dig this two-piece, especially their first two records, you'll definitely like it. The title single is this crazy rock tune about imigration, check out the video here. A lot of crazy sounds on this record, cheap guitars played through old synths, bag pipes, a mariachi trumpeter....

The Giraffes — The Days are Filled With Years: This is an interesting little record from the guy who was the singer in the Seattle band Presidents of the United States of America. He made this record solo, but promoted it as being the first record made solely by his stuffed animal collection. Weird? Yeah, a little, but totally cool. Very groovy, lo-fi, sounds a lot like Beck in some spaces. I think he mostly does soundtrack music for kids shows now...


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