Jun 25, 2007

Sunset skimmer

As I was driving home from a meeting tonight I decided to take my time, cruise to see if I could find somebody doing something interesting in the great light of the sunset. I took a turn onto the Seaview beach approach and found CJ Velarde skimboarding in the surf. I hung back for a bit, shooting with a longer lens and got a few things (see below). After awhile we kinda approached each other. He was curious why I was taking pictures, wanted to ask if I was some sort of stalker. I said no and he said cool. I got closer and shot with a wide and made the picture up top, which I like best.
After he was done we talked a bit about local surf spots as he was new here and my wife is a surfer. I gave him my card and he gave me a surfer handshake. Not a bad evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro, nice picture of me, im really glad you didn;t turn out to be some weirdo