Jun 8, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Hey out there,
sorry for the delay in getting something new on here.
Yesterday I shot the Change of Command ceremony at US Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment for outgoing CO Lt. Jamie Frederick. Jamie had been the CO at Cape D for about 3 years and was great to work with, always willing to have a photographer around when things were happening or for story stuff. He's moving on to bigger, better things — working as the Congressional liason officer to the US House of Reps. These are a few pix from the ceremony

You can find a SoundSlides from it HERE

Some more Pomp and Circumstance coming up tonight and tomorrow, with the graduation ceremonies for Tlohon-nipts Alternative High School and Ilwaco High.

Am also working on a new portrait project that will be an advance for the Relay for Life here and is set to come out, both in print and on the Web on June 20. It's simple, but I think (hope) eloquent, in literally letting the people tell their own stories. Richard Koci Hernandez inspired the idea by suggesting trying more "non-linear storytelling." We'll see how it works.... Will keep you updated.

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