Aug 13, 2007

Dj David

On Saturday night me, Ness and the kids headed across the river to check out Ness's friend David Blanchard as he spun records at the Astoria Coffeehouse
It was pretty amazing that the baby slept the whole time while David was playing some crazy 80s dance music (you, know, the good stuff, not Madonna...) He had 80s movies projected behind him too in B&W like Footloose and Empire Strikes Back.

The venue is pretty cool, I had only been there during the day before, but it converts to a night club of sorts pretty easily, with a bunch of people milling about outside and in the giant entryway. They have some kind of music going on every Saturday & Sunday night

Kenz, during one of the few moments she wasn't blowing people's minds with her dance moves.


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