Aug 24, 2007

Tapas night @ Akari

Every Tuesday night is tapas night at Cafe Akari in downtown Long Beach, a sweet little spot owned by the same folks that own my wife Vinessa's restaurant, the Beach House cafe. For those of you who don't know, tapas is a serving style that features small portions with the thought that you'll get a number of different plates to try more things, and this week Ness was the guest chef.

It was quite the happenin' place to be, with the small room overflowing with people who were raving about Ness's offerings for the evening, including our good friend Melisa, who sat with me and the kids for dinner. All nepotism aside (sort of...) she rocked it, serving up a wide variety of NW food items, from fish and organic mushrooms to local berries and veggies.

Wyse made the rounds and as always was quite popular with the ladies (and the guys...)

Kenz was looking pretty cute too that night, as we took a walk down the beach approach as the sun was going down.


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