Aug 20, 2007

Youth is served

Each year I make the hour-plus trek to the Wahkiakum County Fair, in Skamakowa, out the Greys River Valley. It is a pretty small-time affair, but very charming in a real old-fashioned kind of way. This year I decided to go on kids day with the idea of photographing what it was like to be a kid at the fair.

I have to give the organizers of this a lot of credit for "keeping it real." They had scheduled some cool stuff like a spelling bee, pie eating conest (ABOVE) and lawnmower races (BELOW)

Getting up to this fair is one of the few things we cover outside the county line. I really love getting up into the valley and doing stories out there. Even though it's only 40-some miles from the beach, it is really very different. The community's even more close knit than down here, and the people are always welcoming when we make it out there.

Next week is our fair, also out of town, up in Menlo. It can be equally charming as well. I just need to come up with another new way to look at it for this year...


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