Sep 28, 2007

Cranberry Rd.

Here's an outtake from an unusual thing I went out on today, where a truck carrying 6,000 pounds of cranberries jackknifed, spilling it's load all over the road. You can find more in the paper next week.

Here, Julie Rhoads, the owner of the cranberry farm, hops out of one of the broken cranberry totes after transferring the berries inside to a non-damaged tote. They were only allowed to salvage the berries that did not hit the road — saving a little less than 2,000 of the 6,000 pounds they were hauling.

I've known Julie for about as long as I've been here on the Peninsula. She's a great lady and was the first cranberry farmer I met. I've shot harvest at her farm a couple times too. When I got to the scene and saw it was her berries all over the road I felt bad for her, but she was as she always is, great, and didn't really mind that I was there chronicling an event that will likely end up costing her several thousand dollars in lost crop and vehicle repairs. Though when I asked her if this was a big hit to take, she said she was just happy that no one was injured in the incident. Like I said, she's pretty great.


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