Sep 1, 2007

Opening night

Naselle's Jason Gradt celebrates his team's opening night 22-14 victory over Vancouver Christian Friday night.

Tonight was the season opener for local high school football, which also means the real kick-off of our new Friday Night Sights blog. Check it out to see a couple more pix and game recaps from players.
Tonight I was at the Naselle Comets home opener against Vancouver Christian. What a great night. It was nearly 70 degrees when I got to the game at 6:30, and I can honestly say that this was the first time I had ever worn shorts to a night football game, EVER.
Despite the great weather and over an hour of natural light (which you just don't ever get at a night game) I was actually having a really hard time getting stuff in the first half of the game. Half the field was in the light of the setting sun, the other half in shadow that was easily two stops darker. Of course the action tended to roll from one side to the other and it felt like every shot I got was either over or under exposed.
I got a couple of decent action pix and more importantly some stuff that told the story of the game. The frame above took place right after the game was over as the team met at midfield to celebrate a little. Nothing too crazy, but the guys were intense. You could tell this was a big win for them. I like capturing the emotion of the game just as much if not more than the action of it, and I think Jason's face kinda sums it up.


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