Dec 30, 2007

el Sol = Sports

On Saturday my long time bud and sports shooter of the bizarre Sol Neelman did me the huge favor of looking over and editing down my sports pix from this past year — here's a link to his blog the www of sports. I've been in the process of going through what I think is my better stuff from 2007, to try and get a feel for how I did, if I grew as a photographer and whatever else I can learn. After going through about 50 images he gave me a nice tight 9 image edit for me to enter in the sports portfolio category of the POYi contest. Here they are in the order he suggested:

Croquet with the Sherlock Holmes Society

Relay teams warm-up pre-race

Peanut butter spoon event at the Doggie Olympics

District long jump finals

Scwingen: Swiss wrestling

Powderpuff touchdown celebration

District XC meet

Potato spoon race by alumni of Oysterville one-room schoolhouse

Pie eating contest at Wahkiakum County fair

It was great to get his insight and advice and I think I have a better idea of what I've done and where I want to go and how I want to do it. Thanks again man!



Sol Neelman said...

My pleasure, dude!


netzwerk said...

N1ce pIX