Dec 11, 2007

Storm, storm and more storm ...

Hey Everybody, Been a long, crazy time since I got on here,
I'm happy to say that things are finally getting back to normal after the storms. We had no power on the south end of the Peninsula for two and a half days — the north end was out for six days in some spots. We had no Internet for most of last week. Debris, damage everywhere. Crazy time.
To catch ya up, here's a link to the gallery I put up last week from when the storm hit. I actually had this up prior to us getting the paper out. Due to the power outage in Astoria we had to have the paper printed in Longview — which made our paper look weird because they have a paper size that is 85% of our size, so the pages had to be essentially shrunk.

Below you'll find some pix that will be in the paper on Wednesday.
Greg Gray begins to remove a large tree that had fallen onto a cabin on Joe Johns Road near Surfside Friday by way of a cable attached to his truck. Gray, who owns a tree service in Vancouver, has been busy removing trees from property around the Peninsula sicne last week.
We came across Vikki Harrison while out with the Red Cross as they made deliveries to people in Ocean Park who were still without power. She was pained as her back had gone out on her during the storm and at that point her power had been out over 100 hours and she had been keeping warm with a small propane heater, which ran out of gas earlier that day.
The clean up of just the hundreds of downed trees alone could take weeks.


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