Dec 30, 2007

Thats the way the ball bounces

Here's a couple pix from the Ilwaco boys game at Holiday Classic the other night. I've been shooting sports with a wide lens for some time now, but had yet to really give it a shot shooting hoops. The experiments I had last year didn't pan and got stuck shooting with the tele-zoom instead — like always ...
After checking out a recent post on the excellent sports blog, The Season by the Chicago Tribune's Scott Strazzante, I was inspired as he was talking about how the common rule of sports photography "tight is right" as in a tight composition shot with a long lens, was not right and gave some great examples of shooting the action from the preps game with a wide lens.
I have a couple more I'll post later that I liked as well, but here's a couple of ones I liked that were more ball-centric rather than just game action,


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