Jun 3, 2008

Baptized at the beach

Last Sunday our friend Kortney was baptized by another friend of ours, Jarrett Johnson, who is a pastor at the Presbyterian church in Seaview. What was particularly interesting about this somewhat normal religious ceremony was its unusual location — Kortney was baptized at Waikiki Beach in Ilwaco. Since the water is about 50 or so degrees this time of year she borrowed Ness' wet suit for the afternoon. Here's some pix of the ceremony.


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Jarrett said...

Thanks Damian.
I appreciate the post, and it reminds me, for me, that there is nothing normal about the otherwise normal worship services of our faith.
Your photos are powerful for my memory and my heart. If there is ever a chance to see more of your photographic interpretations of that time at Waikiki I'd be stoked for the opportunity.
And I'm very glad to be a friend.
Grace and Peace,