Jun 17, 2008

Trip continued to the other side of the coin

So after leaving Ness' dad's house last Tuesday night we continued on down to Crescent City, Ca. where my folks live. I was pleasantly surpised to find that my sister, whom I haven't seen in a couple years, made a surprise visit from so. California with her finance', who recently proposed to her around her birthday last month.
Speaking of birthdays, one of the reasons we made it down there last week was to celebrate Wyse's first birthday. He had a great time devouring his little cake. I think he almost had a hard time believing that we were actually letting him have at it like that. We all had a really good time playing on the beach, playing cards and wiffle ball. My mom even suggested a family picture, which we haven't done in many years. Although my brother bailed out, I made a couple nice frames by setting the timer and jumping into the picture. We of course had to do a crazy one too once we got a keeper.
Anyway, you'll find a lot of what I'm talking about below:


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