Jun 19, 2008

Blog links & FUTBOL!

So Blogger recently added a new goody for the sidebar of blog pages, it is the Blog Roll. I'm calling mine Cool Photo Bloggage and features a list of blogs I check out on a regular basis that I like and are photo-related. Here's a quick run down of what is there:

pictures. — Rob Finch's personal photo blog, features pix from work, pix of labradors and pix of radishes...
Shooting from the Hip — Scott Strazzante's blog features a lot of personal project pix from his long time diptych series
Mastering Multimedia — Now that Multimediashooter is no more, this is by far the best blog for advice on producing MM stuff
Strobist — A cool site that gives tips for using speedlight strobes for lighting games and other stuff
p l e c h l — Dave Plechl's blog for his art and photos
Thomas Boyd's Untitled Bloggage — Tom Boyd's photo blog
My Life at f/22 — Chris Detrick's photo blog
On the Other Side — A former photog who is now a page designer at the Seattle Times
The Wild Weird World of Sports — The title says it all, Sol Neelman's ongoing weird sports photo project
Redlights and Redeyes — Chip Litherland's photo blog
youarenotyourego — Richard Koci Hernandez falling back in love with photography

Atlas ties Boca 1-1
Last night I went to my first Liga Hispana game in well over a month and a half and was treated to some great light as the sun was going down. The game itself was not very eventful though and I missed THE shot as the lone Atlas goal was a header that happened like 10 feet in front of me as I was set up near the other team's goal. I got the short lens camera up in time to get the shot below of the Boca goalie, but....


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