Oct 19, 2008

California and a fall tradition

I haven't done a kids-pix-post in a while, so here goes...
This last week me and the kids made a trip to visit my folks in northern California (the real northern Cal, not the Bay Area...). And part of my plan was to acquaint McKenzie a little better with the town that I grew up in. Funny thing is, the first place we visited was a spot I had actually only been to once, Tree of Mystery, a redwood park in Klamath.

My dad went along too, though you'd be hard=pressed to know it from these pix, as I think he was avoiding the camera some — usually a skill used only by my mom... (that's his hand on the stroller)

I finally caught him at the top of the Sky Trail

Going up a couple hundred feet over the forest in a gondola was pretty cool, Kenz especially liked it.

The next day I took the kids on an exciting tour of places relevant to me and Ness in town, including places we lived, worked and the overlook where we got married 10 years ago.

Wyse has a particularly confused look about him, doesn't he?
I've started noticing that I squint my left eye a lot in pictures of myself and I wonder if this is a symptom of being a photographer for years and squinting my left eye while focusing? I'm kinda cusious if any other shooters out there notice this about themselves?

A couple days after we got back we all made the drive over to Sauvie Island near Portland to go to the pumpkin patch and corn maze we've been going to for a few years now. Ness's mom, who lives in P-town, met us there and surprised us when she showed up in costume, ala' the witch from Snow White. She actually had many of the kids at the patch thinking that she was one of the people who worked there.....

I had planned on getting a few pix of us traversing the maze too, but we got there a little late and had to do the maze in the dark, which was an added challenge.... so here's a few of the kids finding their orange gourds instead...

Back to work tomorrow....


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