Oct 11, 2008

Just a song, er, game, before I go...

Although I'm supposed to be in the midst of a two week vacation, I did go back on the clock today to shoot the Ilwaco homecoming game. I hadn't shot a game in two weeks and I felt a little weird at the onset, but it came back around. I'm not sure why, but for a short time during the game I actually shot ...ah, gasp, with a flash. Though I did not like what I was getting and quickly ditched it and felt way better. This is probably one of the more well-rounded games I've shot this year as I was getting equal amounts of action and emotion and fun and weirdness. Ilwaco ended up on the short end of the scoreboard tonight, actually failing to score for the first three and a half quarters, falling 25-6.
Here's some I liked, but you can see the game gallery at the Friday Night Sights Blog HERE

Here an Ilwaco receiver pleads his case to the ref's after coming up just short of the goal line as the first half expired.

Due to technical difficulties the Ilwaco cheer squad had to wait several minutes before performing at halftime.

Ikaika Thomas was a senior prince, and was crowned homecoming king (I never know if that should be capped or not?)

After the halftime fireworks show the beginning of the second half was a bit smokey.

As the fourth quarter ticked away it became clear that it would not be the Fishermen's night.


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