Dec 30, 2008

Best of '08

After much diliberating, taking out, putting back is a gallery of what I think are the best pictures I took in 2008.
To start you'll find a group of 10 single images, and then two photo essays — the first a yearlong piece about how things that may be considered antiquated or old fashioned are still very much important to a lot of people today. The other is a piece on the special season had by the Naselle High School football team this year. This is the core of what I plan to enter in the year end photojournalism contests.
If you want to see it bigger, which also features full captions on the side of the photos, click HERE)
Use the arrows to navigate through the gallery.

Thanks so much to David, Mike, Timm and everyone else who offered up some sage advise on what was good and what was not...

Happy New Year eneryone!


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