Dec 10, 2008

Valley Christmas

Last night I drove up to Rosburg to shoot the annual Grays River Grange community Christmas party at the old Rosburg school. This has been a tradition in the valley forever it seems and is kind of old fashioned by today's standards ... which I why I love it. I photographed it last year too and had a great time and decided to go back this year (I figured if nothing else I might get a pic to add to my year long "Something Old, Something New series about people in modern times still doing things that are considered old fashioned). It is definitely a plus that all the folks are so nice and seemingly glad I was there.
So here's a group of pix I liked from the evening.

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I was given the wrong start time so I arrived well over an hour before the start of the party, so I decided to snoop around the old school and found the Naselle fourth grade basketball team practicing in the gym, so I snapped a few...


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Carol Ervest said...

Enjoyed your photos!! Thank-You for taking time to attend our Christmas party.