Feb 22, 2009

B-day B-ball Bonanza

On Friday I spent my 32nd birthday shooting the first of four district playoff basketball games in 24 hours. The one that night wasn't so bad, but by the end of the three the next day I was dragging pretty well. The hoops journey took me from Ilwaco to Kelso for the game, Kelso to Chehalis (where I spent the night at my in-laws house), Chehalis to Centralia for games two and three (by far the shortest trip of my trek), Centralia to Longview for game four and then Longview to Ilwaco for some much needed rest (good thing I had a ton of podcasts saved up on my BB).
• Best part of trip — Receiving calls from both my siblings wishing me birthday bests right before I left town Friday.
• Worst part of trip — Getting home at 11:30pm Saturday night after an 11 hour day only to stay up till 1:30 am editing and uploading the last two galleries.
• Best small perk of trip — Using my new BlackBerry as a wireless modem to upload a photo gallery to the sports blog after game three from the cafeteria at Centralia High.
• Worst case of forgetfulness — Not remembering to swap out camera batteries and having to walk all the way back to the car before game four.
• Best surprise lifesaver — Using my backup-backup camera after number two stopped focusing....

Here's a select few pix that I liked from my b-ball adventure in no particular order. If you'd like to view the whole galleries from each game, go the Observer sports blog HERE

...I'll be back at the district tourney this weeks for a couple more do-or-die games


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