Mar 31, 2009

Life Magazine returns ... sorta

One of my favorite magazines has returned in a new form, as a photo web site, check out LIFE here
Unfortunately it looks like just a receptacle for photos, not a spot for new documentary work. I love looking through the old Life magazines and seeing some of the original photo essays. That style is an influence on my work as a photographer, especially early on. I look at a lot of it now as being somewhat elementary at times and obviously dated, but I still think there is a lot to be learned from that early stuff.
Here's a perfect example, there are a lot of "Classic" collections of photos to be found by theme — one of the real strengths of the site. The one that caught my eye is this one below of children playing baseball. The pic I highlighted is one of my favorite all-time baseball pix by Yale Joel in 1954 of a youth team getting on their uni's in a classroom. You can check out that particular gallery HERE (the second pic in the gallery is great too).


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