Apr 3, 2009

Finally ... something decent on the diamond

I've been pretty self-critical of late of the work I've been producing. And for good reason too — I'd say about 95% of the stuff I've shot over the last few weeks has been total crap (hence the reason why there have been so few updates lately...)
It's discouraging and frustrating when you strive to do your best every time out and for whatever reason you can't summon the imagination or timing or dare I say magic? Self-doubt can be a real killer.

SO you can imagine the relief, and near utter joy, when I at an Ilwaco-Naselle softball game I got the picture above, easily the best softball or baseball picture I've had in years. Granted its far from perfect, but I liked it. I also liked the one below of a girl in the dugout. This was the third sporting event I went to this week, and the first two were real duds for me, which was the driving reason for me going today. I'm glad I did.

I shot another picture I liked today, but I think I'll save it for a day or two, who knows it maybe the last one I have for awhile — especially since I'll be on vacation all next week.


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