Apr 22, 2009

Wedding on the jetty

On Sunday afternoon i did something that I hadn't before — shooting wedding pictures at the end of the jetty in Ilwaco.

They had contacted me a month or so ago saying that they'd be coming this way as part of their honeymoon. The couple are from Kansas and were married at a courthouse (which I you know I love), but wanted to have their wedding pictures taken at the ocean — and in this case essentially past the end of the land. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled up and found them in full white wedding attire. I was even more excited when they said they wanted to do the pix out near the end of the jetty at Benson Beach.

So we walked past fishermen and other folks out for a stroll, everyone was of course quite interested. Rocks, boulders, etc all had to be navigated along the way.

Of course we had to hit the actual beach too to get a mandatory walking in the wet sand pic.
By the time we were done the bride was shaking sand from her dress.

This was a lot of fun, congrats again to the couple!


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