Apr 18, 2009


Today was one of those days that sometimes you love and sometimes you don't, and sometimes it just depends on what you get.
Well Saturday I found myself squeezing in four assignments that varied from fire to little league to gardening to a beauty pageant. Yeah, crazy.
My day began with a drill by the Long Beach volunteer fire department, where they burned down this old house as a training exercise. I was surprised by how many people came out to watch.
Since it wasn't a "real fire" I tried to stay away from pix that would give a feel of something real, and went for more color.

Next up was the little league opening day. I decided to shoot this as a wild art possibility since I was going to be there anyways to see Kenz introduced with her team. I found this scene after the ceremony was over. I'm wishing now I would have gotten closer. I started shooting recently with a wider lens again and I have to get used to getting closer to people again (which was part of the reason I switched). I've been used to standing a certain distance away a lot, and it just wasn't quite close enough on this one.

Of course I also got some pix of Kenz.

Following a quick lunch and a run to the office to download pix, I went over to Green Angel Gardens, where Larkin was teaching a class on organic gardening. It just so happened that today was Earth Day.

After a 3 hour break — which sure didn't feel that long — the culminating event of my day was shooting the Miss Loyalty Day Pageant. This is part of the areas Loyalty Days stuff. However, one major difference this year is that they decided not to crown anyone the winner... The pageant has seen declining numbers in terms of participants over the last few years and this year's court was made up of only four girls — the Junior Miss court, which was also part of the ceremony tonight, was also made up of four girls.

13.5 hours later I'm going home for good...


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Michael said...

I love pictures of people taking pictures, and that pageant one is particularly engaging.

Long days can be tough, but they always feel worth it after a job well done.