Apr 13, 2009

Derby Dolls

Last week I was gone for a bit of vacation and visiting family. The trip came to a fun conclusion when we attended a roller derby match in Centralia Saturday night. My sister-in-law Victoria skates on the team and this was her first bout. A good family friend Melisa is also on the team — they call themselves the Rainy City Roller Dolls. Unfortunately I didn't really get very many good pix of Victoria (that's her at the end icing her knee), or of the action for that matter, as the rink was pretty dark, making it hard to get stuff that wasn't out of focus or blurry. I did get a few feature shots though from the night which I liked. The first one in the gallery is probably my favorite, as here you have these badass chicks getting ready to bust heads in the Happy Birthday party room at the rink.

In 2007 we did a feature when Melisa was getting the team going. I put together a audio slideshow from the story which you can check out HERE if you like.

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