Jul 30, 2009

Egg farm, Coo-Coo-Kachoo

Starting this last week we began running a series in the paper about food producers in our area, highlighting local farms. Tonight I shot my first piece for the series on the Lebovitz egg farm north of Bay Center. I really enjoyed hanging with the family — and it truly is a family affair — as they did their nightly chores around the farm. The kids were especially active.
I really wish I would have gotten down to her eye level on this one. I try to live by the advise of the Seattle Times' Alan Berner who said that when photographing kids he always gets down on their level so you're not looking down on them. Unfortunately this moment happened too fast...

This may be my favorite, even though I doubt it will run with the package in the paper.

Someone else visiting the farm at the same time as me noticed there were eggs falling out of this tree, so I took a look inside and found more chickens hanging out.
Ellexa checked it out too.

BTW, did anyone else know that chickens were cannibals? This chicken litterally ran over to eat this dropped egg and was soon joined by a few more... ewww


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Michael said...

I LOVE that photo with the dog and the frog and the legs. Fantastic :)