Jul 14, 2009

His own private island

So yeah, haven't posted anything in awhile — probably because I haven't felt like much if what I've produced the last couple weeks is really worth sharing. But this was a fun sorta assignment.
Last week me and a group of three others paddled out to Baby Island, a small, solitary island on the east of Willapa Bay. It is a particularly noteworthy landmark around here in its unique size and shape, and its historical significance to the Chinook people.

One of the fellows we paddled out with was Steve Rogers (no, not the original Captain America...) whose family has owned about 2/3rds of the 2.8-acre island since the 1950s.

Not many have visited the island over the years (especially the last 50 or so I'm sure) as the only safe way to get there is by boat during a high tide. This of course made it all the more unusual to find a crew from Department of Natural Resources already ashore when we arrived. Apparently someone saw a small of pillar of smoke rising from the island an hour earlier and they went out to investigate. Thankfully they were able to contain the small, smoldering fire.

The trip was around three miles total, against the tide both ways (my second time in the last few weeks manning a canoe for an assignment). Fun way to spend a day at work. I'll be sure to add a link to the story once it's posted later today.


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