Jul 26, 2009

Mini cowboys

Aaaaaand we're baaack! Yeah, it's been a while since I've been on here. And honestly it had been awhile since I shot a picture for the paper. After spending the better half of a week at the Bellingham Visual Journalism Conference, where I was a coach in the multimedia workshop on day one, I was back at work this week. Yesterday I shot the annual Long Beach Rodeo with a focus on the activities and events for young kids, which is way more fun than watching yet another cowboy get trampled by a bull...
A couple years ago I spent a little time shooting the stick horse races, but this time around I knew it would be a highlight of my day. I kinda like the one below better because of the rodeo queen behind her, but I'm not sure.

This lil buckaroo had a pretty serious look.

He even held his own in the mutton-busting event.

Unbelievably, in my nearly 15 years of shooting for newspapers yesterday was first ever foray into mutton busting, an event that was seemingly invented for photos.

Heck, I even pulled off a fairly successful panning shot during the youth barrel races...


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