Sep 11, 2009

Back on the field, pt. 2

After feeling half dead for the last few days and not being able to do much other than lay in bed, I felt good enough to make it out to the Ilwaco home opener tonight. However, the Fishermen played close to how I felt as they got clobbered by South Bend. For the first time in a long time I left before the game was over, as the score was 40-0 in favor of South Bend at the start of the fourth quarter. I don't feel too bad about leaving early though as it will get me back home to bed a few hours earlier than usual (hopefully I sleep the rest of this crap away tonight).

As halftime approached I caught Ned Bittner's little girl swatting bugs under the scoreboard.

At halftime the Ilwaco band performed while the cheer squad presented a giant flag in honor of the Sept. 11 anniversary today.

After the performance they scrambled into place for the rest of the halftime show.

You can see more pix from this game at the Friday Night Sights Blog Here


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