Sep 18, 2009

Bear River Battle

Tonight was the big local rivalry game between Ilwaco and Naselle. It was a weird game, as Ilwaco arrived about five minutes before kick-off (on purpose mind you) there were turnovers, funky ref calls, an interesting new offense from Ilwaco, etc. In the end Naselle blocked a field goal try to win 22-20.

This is quite possibly my favorite football picture of the year so far. I got it as the players were dressing in front of their bus they just arrived on. If his girlfriend were just a student in street clothes it would have been one thing, but to have her be a cheerleader, well, I guess the gods were smiling on me. Ooooh, I love high school football.
You can check out a gallery of pix from this game at the football blog if you like.


I just wanted to make a quick note about the photo above that was also featured on the front page of the paper this week. While youthful innocence was supposed to be the message conveyed in the photo of a cheerleader and football player sharing a brief kiss before the game Friday, it seems that some found it in someway inappropriate. Granted, kissing on campus is not allowed, but this took place outside of Ilwaco school grounds and much after class time was over. As I understand it the couple have been dating for quite some time and the girls mother said that she loves the picture and bought an extra copy of the paper. If her parents have no problem with her giving her longtime boyfriend a quick smooch after school, why should anyone else disagree? And to suggest that that it somehow reflected poorly on the school itself by publishing the picture is patently absurd. With all the tragedy that has taken place in our community in the last few weeks, my hope was that the photo might offer a glimpse at a more whimsical side of life that has been missing lately. Sometimes I think some people just take life way too seriously.

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