Sep 4, 2009

Back on the field

Tonight was the opening night for local high school football, and it just so happens that I found myself shooting the same team that I ended last season with, the Naselle Comets.
For the second straight year the Comets opened their season with their rivals, the Wahkiakum Mules, in the annual KM Trophy game. The Comets showed signs of a dominant running attack that powered them to a 21-12 win to bring home the coveted trophy for the first time in what is believed to be over 20 years. What a great way to start the season.
As per usual with me I found that I was making my best pictures away from the action — pregame, halftime and postgame.

I was wondering if any graduated players from last years state third place squad would attend tonight, sure enough I saw at least three or four, including all-state LB Mike Shirley, who hung with the team along the sideline for the majority of the game, even wearing an old practice jersey (I have a feeling that he would've loved to slip some pads under it and go hit some people...)
Yep, quirky, what else is new. Here the coaches son tries to dry off his dads clipboard after a steady rain fell for most of the first half.
In the movie The Dark Knight the Joker tells Batman "Tonight I'm going to make you break your one rule." Well tonight I broke my one rule and I shot action with a flash on camera. Haven't done that in a few years for football really. Didn't have a ton of success, but hey, 20% success rate with a flash as opposed to like 5% success without (especially under the NHS field lights).... You can see those along with a bunch of other shots from tonight's game over at the Friday Night Sights blog
Ooooooh, I'm so glad football's back.



Anonymous said...

....and we're so glad to have you back on our turf.

By the way, love the action shot of Austin(of course, I'm slightly biased!)


Photography by Damian Mulinix, Chinook Observer photojournalist said...

Thanks Susan, definitely one of the reasons why fall is my favorite time of year!