May 20, 2010

Beleaguered building, birds & ball

Ahh, alliteration — Here's a couple things from the last few days
Today I went back out to the old Chinook School gymnasium, which is in the middle of a restoration project. I was there a few weeks back to shoot the outside and today I got to go inside with a few folks who were connected to the project, and had attended school there a while back. I'm pretty sure this will be the lead feature this week.

Last Saturday I got to hang with Bill Richey from state parks as he did some recon with the snowy plover project up on Leadbetter Point for a feature on habitat restoration, the Life page feature this week. It was pretty cool crawling around the dunes with him as he spied plovers, retrieved a faulty basket that protects their nests and replaced some blown down signage to the beach.

Finally, here's a pick that kinda sums up the end of the IHS girls softball season as a runner scores on a wild pitch at home. You can see more in THIS GALLERY if you like

Lots more sports to come this week the the end of the spring season — God what am I going to do for the next THREE MONTHS?


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