May 15, 2010

Playing ketchup

So it's kinda been a while since I posted some work-related stuff on here so I thought I'd add a pastiche of stuff from the last week or two. Most has already been in that paper at this point so this one is more I guess for folks outside of the area.

Last Saturday I was at North Head Lighthouse to photograph a class from Clatsop College who were doing restoration work to the old horse barn at the light keepers house. It printed great in the paper, perhaps so much so that our sister paper the Astorian used the package as their A1 package on Friday.

With spring sports season winding down it's going to be mostly track stuff here on in so I'm trying to get things that look compelling, in this case lighting-wise. Of course it also helped that he won the event.

Well over a week ago when I was driving home after dropping Kenz at school I saw this scene on Black Lake and pulled over for a few. I'm sure if I didn't have Wyse in the back seat I may have worked it a bit more — lower angle, a little bit tighter on the birds perhaps? — but I kinda like it.

Last Monday night I went to the annual surf rescue drill that features all the local emergency response agencies, including the surf rescue team and the Coast Guard, practicing ocean rescues. When the copter came down and scooped these guys up I knew it'd look kinda cool (though I wish the sin was in a little better spot to light the copter beter).

Here's my favorite rescue swimmer, my lovely wife


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