May 24, 2010

The last days of the season

It's always a little sad in a way when it gets this time each year, but last week I shot my last sports assignments of the school year. While there is still state track and golf this week, the smart folks at the WIAA have all those events taking place in eastern Washington, which is a bit far for us, as far as travel goes. I spend a fair portion of my week shooting and editing sports photos and designing the sports page (which also goes on hiatus during the summer months), so while I'm glad to have some time freed up, it is something I enjoy and miss. (Only 3 months till fall workouts begin...)
So anyway, here's a couple pix from district softball and track.
The one unifying thing about these three events I shot last Thursday (NHS track) and Friday (NHS softball and IHS track) was the rain. It never really stopped, which is what led to the photo below of Orianne Condon talking with the Naselle catcher during a rain/hail delay at their district game in Centralia that eventually cancelled the game after only one inning of play. This one and the ones below of IHS were all shot with my new 85mm 1.8 that I got just in time for these games, replacing the 80-200 2.8 I essentially destroyed by dropping on the ground a couple months back. So far I am really loving it.

So after a quick stop at Burgerville it was off to Kalama for the 1A district track meet and more rain.

The day before I was in Raymond for the 2B district track meet, where it also rained relentlessly.

See ya next season,


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