Jan 14, 2011

13 (pix) for 10 (days since I last posted) for 11 (as in 2011)

So here we are once again, start of a new year and it takes me half a month to post something new. I don't know why January always feels so slow to me. So here's a bunch of stuff from the first few weeks of 2011.
Yesterday I went along with a small group of students from the Highly Capable Program (or Hi-C), including Kenz, on what is likely their last field trip. I was shooting it for a story about cuts to school funding, which includes the Hi-C program, even though the whole thing runs on a $8,000 annual budget. Anyway, the trip was to investigate some historic buildings in Astoria that were supposedly haunted, including the Flavel House and the Hotel Elliot.

Last Saturday I got pretty lucky with the weather and the sun actually came out while I was shooting the annual new years beach clean-up. Also ran into my man Wags from the Daily News, who I always enjoy seeing.

But most of my time has been taken up with basketball, a seemingly endless supply. I do love it, but it is the longest sports season of the school year and there isn't a lot of variety otherwise — during the fall and spring sports seasons you have some variety in athletics, but save for the IHS wrestlers who don't have many home meets, it's all hoops all the time.
Once again, as is my custom I guess, I'm shooting hoops in a different way this year. Unlike years past (like the last four or five), I'm not using remote lighting. While it had its benefits, it also had a lot of problems. So this year I'm shooting existing light. Of course this never would have been possible until this year when the lights in the Ilwaco gym were finally updated and changed.

Speaking of hoops, here's one from Kenz' practice the other day. Yeah she got mad hops!
And here's one of Kenz taking a little snooze in my bag at the end of the Ilwaco Holiday tourney couple weeks back. And yeah, she's wearing a vintage Jim Zorn jersey from when I was her age.
And here she is once more, amongst the ornate-ness of the Flavel house porch.


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