Jan 27, 2011

Spotlights and dead things

Couple things I shot in the last week had similar results thanks to similar lighting
Tuesday night Ilwaco hosted their second dual wrestling meet of the season — you can see the results of the first one HERE — and once again they deployed the the singular lamp over the center the ring for lighting. And once again it was very dramatic. This time however the team prepped prior to the match on the gym floor, including applying what I can only guess was Nair in single file (above), then watching the jv matches (below) before they got underway.

A few nights earlier I was in Naselle for a community variety show, where the performers onstage were lit with similar dramatic effect.

And then there was all the dead stuff... I Monday I went out to shoot some pix at the Willapa Wildlife Refuge HQ, and to my surprise, and somewhat to my amused delight, there was no shortage of dead, stuff animals everywhere. I believe that
I asked Charlie Stenvall (above) if they did their own taxidermy in-house. He said no, but noted that some of the older, more crude-looking ones downstairs may have been by one of the staff some fifty years ago. "Where's that one paper I needed?" "Oh, in the filer, under the owl"


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I am so glad to have "found" your blog again. Wonderful pics and witty commentary = happy stalker:)

Take care friend,
susan b