Jan 31, 2011

More dead stuff — Bones & Bugs

Another week, more dead stuff

Life feature this week is on Debbie Huddleston who has started doing European taxidermy in her spare time. Whats that you say? You thought taxidermy was about preserving the OUTSIDE of the animal? Not necessarily. The European style is the exact opposite, preserving the INSIDE of the animal.

But how does one go about getting to this inner-parts? Why with flesh-eating beetles of course! They're tiny, but they eat a lot.

This was the scene inside the shed she uses for the decomp before boiling and bleaching the bones. I have to tell you honestly that I have never come across a smell more heinous than this. Upon stepping inside the first time I quickly fell/leaped out again to catch my breath. Debbie said that sometimes she'll be out there working for an hour or two and then run to the store for something and wonders if people can tell. Yeah, pretty sure.


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