Feb 1, 2011

Forests of Memories

On Saturday I attended a reunion of old-time loggers from the Naselle area.
The gathering was in part to bring these old-timers together in order to take down some of their memories and stories for a book that the Appelo Archive Center is working on. This is a diptych of Lyle Haataja now and then, with a photo of him from probably the '70s when he was logging up in the Grays River Valley.
Someone at the event was commenting on how the work defined them as people throughout their lives — much the same way with veterans. And this was easy to see. In fact, the work they did 30-40 years ago still defines how they dress today as many of them continue to wear the common logging attire of jeans, striped work shirt and suspenders, as seen in this triptych photo.



Karen Bertroch said...

Damien, as director of the Archives Center where we held the reunion, may I wholeheartedly thank you for these photos. You did a great job and we appreciate your comments, too. What a great day honoring good, hardworking, family loving men. We were honored to bring them together. Thanks, Observer, for honoring them, too. Archives Center is at www.appeloarchives.org.

Anonymous said...

love the di and tri pics.