Feb 24, 2011

Snow Day - This time its for real

So it snowed for real today, if you call under two inches for real, which we do around here. Wyse has been Jonesing to make snowballs all winter and finally got his chance.

We took a nice long walk around Ilwaco as the sun was coming out and stopped to play here and there, had a good time. Here's a little video I put together from our travels this morning.

Snow on the beach? How can you see the birds?

And this one I just look at for a long time.

And finally, not all fun and games this morning as a couple had their car slide off the highway, down a long embankment and hit a tree. The fire department had to cut the top of the car off on one side to retrieve this fellow, who was then carried back up the hill by a half dozen firemen. Amazingly enough neither passenger were badly injured. This is just one of a number of accidents that have happened in the last 24 hours, including one fatality.


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